Mobile Car Detailing

Looking for your car to look brand new?

Are mobile detailing will take your car looking better than new.

We offer lots of different servicing with mobile detailing and interior and exterior can be separate.

You can go with the fastest and most basic package which starts off with 100% hand wash we rent the wheels we decrease the tires we Chamois dry the exterior we Chamois dry the jambs we are below the exterior and the jams wipe clean the wheels wipe exhaust tips machine wax the paint finish hand wax Pina details clean windows and mirrors and a detailed vacuum Andre Dusty interior. That’s part of this word decrease and rinsing the jams decreasing and rinsing wheel wells or conditioning plastic wheel wells and conditioning exterior Plastics and we’re spray wax in the jams

With the next step up of exterior detail instead of just a wash and wax we’re also going to use a clay bar basic package but we will also decontaminate the paint finish with the clay decontaminate glass surfaces and polish any chrome exhaust tips.

What’s the ultimate exterior detail package at everything from the previous steps plus two specialized polishing steps the first leaves a medium compound shoe polish and remove light and small imperfections this includes stains swirls water spots and scratches. The second step well really finish off the clarity and shine on your paint.

On the interior there’s also a set of options the basic detail starts off with a full vacuum and spot cleaning for seats armrest steering wheel the dashboard door panels the headliner sun visors and the carpet. We’ll also shampoo the floor mats since there were gets most dirty. In addition will wipe down and conditions are plastic soft touch vinyl and leather.

The Next Step Up basically makes it so we shampoo and clean all the things we only spot clean in the basic detail.

With the ultimate detail package McLean and shampoo almost everything. This includes the headliner the sun visors the seats the dashboard the center console center armrest steering wheel door panels carpet seats and rails and the floor mats.